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Sale of Liquor Amendment Bill

Management training and host responsibility

106-114 Part II - New term licence controller and management training requirements.

The new term ‘licence controller’ would apply to the persons designated as responsible for the premises, whether currently the licence holder or the manager, and require such a person to be on duty at all time, fully accountable and fully trained.

This training requirement is fully supported. These changes are to be legislated now, but to be implemented at a later date by Order in Council, to allow time for training requirements to be met. Since polytechnics and some DLA offer such training, we suggest a year from enactment would certainly be enough time for this.

‘Host responsibility’
This change aims to raise the standard of management of licensed premises. However, in research and in submissions those working with licensees on ‘host responsibility’ and other aspects of good management have repeatedly called for strengthening of the legal requirements on licence holders and managers through including ‘host responsibility’ in the Act. S.13 of the Act already requires licence applicants to lay out their proposals for the management of the premises, steps in regard to serving minors and intoxicated patrons, provision of food and non-alcoholic drinking.
In the Recommended Amendments to licence criteria and conditions above, we suggest that ‘host responsibility’ is named in this section, as a way of strengthening this concept and supporting this work by health promotion officers and licensing inspectors.

Alcohol Advertising

In February 1992 a policy change was made to permit alcohol advertising on the broadcast media, on a three year trial basis.

Members of Parliament will remember that Joy McLaughlin’s 1996 Private Members Bill was deferred by Government on the grounds that a comprehensive review was imminent. The Liquor Review did not cover or give attention to submissions on alcohol advertising on the grounds that an advertising industry review of the Code on Liquor Advertising was imminent. Submissions to that review, in early 1998, were limited to ‘new matters’ and only very minor changes were made.

Since this Bill, like the Review, gives no attention to alcohol advertising, there has been no opportunity for Parliament to review this policy issue.

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